Sunday, September 25, 2011


[If you have experienced spiritual abuse at The Crossing or any other church, you can contact Jeremy Rogahn from the Facebook page, Back Door Ministries Support Group. This group meets every Friday evening to help deal with the grief, anger, and wounds that result from spiritual abuse. This is a GREAT group of people and will give you full support and help your healing process regardless of your situation] 


I am going to start another weekly feature to this blog called, "Sermon Sunday". I will roll out a post every sunday with sermon videos to watch. I will only include sermons that I know are from competent, reliable, God fearing pastors who handle the Word of God with utmost care and devotion.

You don't have to watch them all, although I encourage that you try to get through all sermons by the next Sunday. My selection will focus on different themes as outlined...
  • Understanding the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • False teachers, false gospels, and false religions
  • The hard teachings of the Scriptures
The first two themes are self evident. The third needs a bit of explaining.

The Scriptures are the infallible, inerrant, objective Word of God. And as Christians, we must strive to understand the whole of Scripture, not just the parts that are appealing to our sensibilities. For example, if all we take away from the Scriptures is the doctrine that "God is Love and only love", without addressing the clear teachings in that God is also Just, Holy, and must punish sin, then we are ignoring and avoiding something about God that is true.

In essence, when we pick and choose what we like and what we don't like about the character and nature of God, or when we make up ideas of the Christian God not supported by Scripture, we are fashioning an idol; a false god that is safe, harmless, tolerant, and therefore a god we are comfortable with. Please take the time to understand the whole council of God, not just what is pleasing to you. When you fully understand the Gospel, these uncomfortable doctrines will actually make you rejoice all the more!  

This weeks feasting of God's Truth will be from the pulpit of John MacArthur.

This sermon is for those who cannot understand why God ordains pain and suffering. This should be especially applicable to that who have experienced spiritual abuse.

He talks a lot about grace. Keep in mind that "grace" is receiving that which we do not deserve. It cannot be earned because by it's very nature it is a gift. If it must be earned, then it is no longer grace! 
God's Purpose In Our Pain

This is a sermon that makes the distinction between true and false authority. Where does Eric Dykstra derive his authority from?   
Exposing the Marks of Counterfeit Authority

This is one of those hard teachings of the Scriptures I told you about. This is an excellent biblical exposition on the downward spiral and degradation of America 
When God Abandons a Nation

God bless you in the preaching of His Word, Casey

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