Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chris Rosebrough deconstructs Eric Dykstra's sermon, "Radical Desciples"

Here's an excellent example of the subtly of false teachers and how they twist Scripture to fit their own end. Chris Rosebrough of Pirate Christian Radio/Fighting For The Faith "deconstructs" Dykstra's sermon on "Radical Disciples", demonstrating the technique Dykstra uses to create the illusion that his sermon content is biblical, but in actuality it is not. Very insightful.  

Please be aware that tomorrow, friday sept. 9th, is the date of the conference, "Double Crossed By The Crossing Church". This community event is free to all, and all are welcome to attend. Christian apologist Chris Rosebrough will address the concerns of The Crossing church, no doubt comparing their teachings and practices against Scripture to make his point. He will also have a Q&A too. 

I am hoping to get to Elk River tonight and hand out more conference flyers. Sunday I handed out close to seventy. I'll be glad to pair up with anyone who want's to join tonight.  

I would like to meet anyone at the conference who visits my blog; I'll be wearing an orange "Glacier Park" baseball cap.     


  1. fyi- we were interviewed and it aired last night, here is the link. Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow!

  2. I know that this is a different church, from RCA, (or so I think), from the one that occupied it before. But,there are many of the same members I regognize, but I do not know for sure. I did a lot of fundraising in the past for them. There was about $80,0000 that went unaccounted for. It was amazing the corruption that I observed.
    It is sickening to see a mother (Eric's wife) behave the way she does. How can she steal a boy at 18, from his mother to someone who is 8 yrs his senior? A year earlier and this person would be a pedophile.I realize that the devil works throught the church. Everyone must be aware of this all the time and educate through GOD'S WORD. You can not find it in these "creepy satanic nuts". I am thankful I do not live in this area anymore, there are too many of these creeps. It is probably to late for these nuts at the crossing, but pray for their children! May GOD save their souls!

  3. Anonymous...."There was about $80,0000 that went unaccounted for. It was amazing the corruption that I observed."

    Can you give me details? Did you see anything illegal that you can share with me?


    Thank you for your post and the prayers of the children!


  4. Wow, just listened to Mr Rosebrough's lecture and criticism of the Crossing Church in Elk River. I couldn't even finish it, it made me so nauseaous. The way he takes snippits and soundbites and expounds upon them, with his strawman arguements, and presuppositions of what he believes Ken Dykstra really believes, is contemptable. I think that while he may use some different techniques, and hyperbole, to make his points in his messages, he is far from the picture that Mr Rosebrough's attempts at character assasination portray. I am very concerned about how this 'Pirate" and the disgruntled former members of the Crossing think they are doing this great service for the kingdom. I think they are in fact being used of the enemy to cause division and contention, and harming the Body of Christ. Of course I know that there is much money to be made by these practices, those who do so will not be unaccountable in the end. From what I've seen, I do believe that the Crossing teaches Christ and the forgiveness of sins through His sacrifice.