Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Audio Available From THE CROSSING "Church" Conference Held 9/9/2011

Please take the time and effort to get the Gospel right: your eternal destination depends on it! 

I would like to make a few comments and observations on the conference on 9/9/2011 at the Elk River High School "DOUBLE CROSSED BY THE CROSSING "CHURCH" . This event was hosted by Chris Rosebrough of the radio program Fighting For The Faith broadcast by Pirate Christian Radio. 

First of all, Chris Rosebrough has the intellect, the experience, the educational and theological credentials, and the biblical discernment necessary to publically challange Eric Dykstra and the teachings of The Crossing church.   

This was evident in the introduction of Chris Rosebrough as former Crossing member Jeremy Rogahn of "Back Door Ministries Support Group" listed his qualifications (Sadly this intro is not part of the audio clip, probably due to time restraints). Then Chris himself reinforced his credentials and interest in exposing false teachers and false prophets.  

Chris Rosebrough basically said, (I'm paraphrasing here) that the term "cult" is one that is difficult to define, so he likes to use the term "Spiritual Predator" to define false teachers and false prophets who purposefully twist the Scriptures and lead people astray for their own selfish gain. 

Chris Rosebrough reveals that he himself was once the victim of spiritual predation many years ago; he and his wife were part of a cult for about a year and the leader controlled all aspects of their lives. Therefore, I can sympathize with him as to why he is so adamant about exposing spiritual predators and their phony baloney christianity that they pawn off as the real thing to unwary, biblically illiterate victims. 

Using the Scriptures and video clips, I thought that Chris Rosebrough made a solid (and dare I say irrefutable) case that Eric Dykstra is a spiritual predator and false prophet, and teaches how to use the Bible to spot spiritual predators and false gospels.  

The audio clip begins in studio, post-conference, and he explains a few things about the conference, and comments about the people who organized it, so it takes a few minutes to get into the actual lecture. Overall this is an excellent expose' and I would encourage all who attend The Crossing to listen to the audio clip.  

While at the conference, I met up with a former Crossing member who has been following my blog. He requested entrance into last weeks givaway, The Holiness Of God" by R.C. Sproul. Since I had not received any other emails of those willing to participate I gave it to him at the conference.

There are still no participants to this weeks giveaway, "DRIVE BY THEOLOGY" . See link for details on this 11 cd series. Crossing Attenders, this is an opportunity for you to sink your teeth into some real biblical meat and make comparisons to the canned dog food gospel you have been munching on at The Crossing.   


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  1. My wife and I went to the Crossing. Until we had a run in with Bruce. It was never what God did. It was all about him.