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  • [If you have experienced spiritual abuse at The Crossing or any other church, you can contact Jeremy Rogahn from the Facebook page, Back Door Ministries Support Group. This group meets every Friday evening to help deal with the grief, anger, and wounds that result from spiritual abuse. This is a GREAT group of people and will give you full support and help your healing process regardless of your situation]  

  • Receive a Free gift! Many to choose from. More will soon be added! 
Every week I am giving away gifts, without any obligation, called, "Free Gospel Resources". I will be giving away one gift a week to those who qualify. Scroll down to review the gifts in the givaway pool. If you see something you would like, then e-mail me at Scroll down to to the end of this post to see details... 
 This is an awesome, Gospel-centered  music CD that is the fruit of Redeemer Bible Church worship pastor David Ward, titled, "Merciful To Me". Check the link for information and listen to the soundbytes of the songs on the CD. Some of the different musical genre's on the CD include bluegrass, jazz, and heavy metal. Most of the music is pretty mellow. Music is one way Christians can worship God. We sing to Him our praises and petitions, we reflect on His character and promises, and we marvel at the cross where justice and mercy meet.
This book, "counterfeit gospels" by Trevin Wax exposes six common false gospels in evangelicalism today. This book tells the real Gospel story, then exposes six frauds with practical ideas in countering these specific counterfeits. 
Randy Alcorn's book, "IF GOD IS GOOD-faith in the midst of suffering and evil", takes a hard look at how to reconcile the mystery of the Goodness and omnipotence of God and the prevalence of evil and suffering in the world. This is a thick book, but insightful for anyone who questions why a Good and all-powerful God allows His people to experience evil and suffering.

"Drive By Theology" is an 10 CD set with an MP3 disc of 48 short, twenty minute Systematic Theology lessons, hosted by Todd Friel with pastor "smarty-pants" R.W. Glenn of Redeemer Bible Church, supplying his astute theological insight.  When these two get together it's great fun AND great biblical teaching! This is a fantastic opportunity to learn what the Bible actually teaches about all the major doctrines set forth in Scripture.  

"The Valley of Vision" is a Christian classic. This little leather bound book is a collection of Puritan prayers and devotions (don't be scared of the word "Puritan!") This is a book filled with deep, sobering, thought provoking, liberating, and inspirational Gospel Truth. Beautifully written and very poetic. I absolutely love it!
"Living The CROSS CENTERED LIFE" by C.J. Mahaney is a great little read to help you keep the Gospel central in all your daily endeavors. Theology backed with practical applications that will help you grow more in your walk with Christ.
    The Macarthur Study Bible (hadrcover in the New King James Version) Is a fantastic tool to aid you in studying the Bible. There is much in the way of commentary on the actual meaning of particular verses and passages. Very Helpful for anyone who wants to learn more about God's Word.
    "The Biggest Question" Is a very detailed presentation of the Gospel with Todd Friel, Kirk Cameron, and pastor R.W.Glenn from Redeemer Bible Church. This is a good resource if you want to understand the Gospel yourself or if you want to share the Gospel with someone you are witnessing to.
    Next is a trio of books on spiritual abuse...

  •  Anyone can enter if they qualify. If you want to participate you can e-mail me at
  • Please provide some contact information. Provide an address where I can send your gift.  And don't forget to tell me which gift you want. 
  • I would encourage you to provide your spiritual background; ultimately I will decide if you qualify. Plus, I may send an additional gift as it applies to your circumstances, or if you struggle with any point of Christian doctrine that is a stumbling block to you.
  • I  will not post any personal information on my blog to protect the recipient from spiritual abuse.  
The "FREE GOSPEL RESOURCES' feature only applies only to the following...
  • Anyone who attends The Crossing or any member of another church that is heretical, abusive, legalistic, or preaches a false gospel.
  • Anyone who does not know if they are are a genuine Christian.
  • Anyone who knows that they are not a Christian, but want to learn more about the Christian faith.
  • Any member of the Back Door Ministries Support Group.
  •   If you are a Christian with a solid understanding of the Gospel and everything that it entails, then please refrain from entering; I would rather give the resources to those who need it most. 
  • If I get more than one request per week, I will keep the requests in the order received. The person at the top of the list will be the next week's recipient.   
  • I will constantly update the resource pool with fresh, interesting, and relevent resources as necessary. 
  • you can be confident that I will not use your e-mail address for anything other than receiving an address to send off your gift. I will not forward your information to any other enterprise, and I will not contact you for any other reason, unless you give me permission. However, you are free to contact me at any time. 
  • If you want to know why I am giving away gifts, check out the link,.  "FREE GOSPEL RESOURCES"
May God bless you richly through these resources! Casey

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  1. These are some awesome materials. I can read along with my Bible. Keep on doing great work in the Lord. God Bless!