Thursday, February 16, 2012


...I thought I would leave those who follow my blog with a couple sermons to listen to. The first sermon is part two Tullian Tchividjian series on the book of Galatians. In case you missed it, here's the link for part one,  FREE AT LAST-TULLIAN TCHIVIDJIAN SERIES ON GALATIANS: PART ONE. And here's the link for part two, FREE AT LAST-TULLIAN TCHIVIDJIAN SERIES ON GALATIANS:PART TWO This series will continue to demolish the legalistic, self-reliant, approval-seeking, works-righteousness that infects all men and women, especially those who go to church and take pride in their spiritual achievments, thinking they can score points with God and gain His approval by doing more, giving more, and trying harder. That is the very antithesis of the genuine Gospel.

This next sermon was preached at my church, Redeemer Bible Church last sunday by pastor Bob Glenn, titled, THE MISSION OF PHILLIP. This sermon is one of a continuing series on the book of Acts. This sermon will give those at BDM and The Crossing church great insight into how the Lord spreads His Gospel, the character and motivation of Eric Dykstra, and what our attitude ought to be in regards to sharing the Gospel with those who have hurt you. As I messaged someone last week from BDM, "The Crossing is not your enemy, it is your mission field!" This is a fantastic A+ sermon relevent to this blog and encourage all to read it.

Just for fun, try to keep count how many times pastor Bob mentions the Gospel in this sermon. Then pick any sermon preached by Eric Dykstra and count how many times he mentions the Gospel. You will be shocked by the contrast. One pastor preaches pure, liberating Gospel Truth, the other pasor preaches a "do more, give more, try harder, and God will bless you" kind of sermon. He wants the congregation to make silly lists, gives you oppressive rules to follow, and wants unquestioned obedience to his theology and The Crossing's mission. These are all forms of slavery and bondage to Law and legalism which Christ came to destroy.

I invite you to attend my church, Redeemer Bible church, just for one day, so you can see for yourself the contrast between what is preached at The Crossing versus what is preached at Redeemer. I would be happy to meet you there. I am a friendly, decent guy. It doesn't matter what you look like, whether you have ten lbs of metal piercings in your face and you are covered from head to toe with tatoos, you will be treated no differently than anyone else, with kindness, respect, and love. If you are interested, contact me at I can't do this sunday because I'll be out of town, but sunday the 26th is open. I will extend this invitation to all Crossing attenders every week and anyone else who would like to visit.

....Our church will begin a huge renovation beginning in march, so once that begins we'll be meeting at a Minnetonka school until renovations are complete. When the renovation is completed, it will be awesome! The plan is to have the first service in the new building on Christmans eve. God Bless, Casey


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