Saturday, February 11, 2012


Coming up, I will be posting about my experience, as a Christian, of possessing a legalistic mindset undermining my freedom found only in the Gospel, and how a deeper understanding of the Gospel liberated (but not eraddicated!)  me from that oppressive, legalistic bondage.This testimony will NOT be about how the Lord sovereignly rescued me from the despairing, dark pit of atheism to soul salvation in Jesus Christ. Here's the link if you want to read  MY CHRISTIAN TESTIMONY .

But before I tell my story, I would like to explain a few THEOLOGICAL TERMS AND CONCEPTS. This is Gospel 101, pure and simple, and each term or concept is will hopefully bring clarity to anyone who desires to understand more about Christianity and the Gospel. This is a stand alone page you can acess at any time. These are short, thumbnail explanations, and are by no means a comprehensive treatment of any particular term or concept. I will be adding new terms and concepts as time goes on, providing hyperlinks so that the reader can understand the term in question.

Some of the terms might be difficult to understand so read carefully and more than once if necessary in order to get the full import of each term. If you have any questions or want proof texts, message or mail me. These are terms and concepts that come up over and over again in the Bible, and it is my contention that they are not clearly or explicitly taught at The Crossing church. 

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