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Randy Quick, a former member of The Crossing church, has written an OPEN LETTER TO ERIC DYKSTRA from his blog. I have met Randy in person at the Back Door Ministry Support Group. He seems like a nice enough guy, no reason to doubt the veracity of his personal testimony regarding the spiritual abuse that allegedly happened to him and his wife at The Crossing under the leadership of Eric Dykstra. So read the letter and ask yourself; does this have the hallmarks of authenticity written from the heart of a man who has been broken by an abusive church? Or, is Randy Quick a liar, willing to make outrageous allegations to bring down an authentic, bible teaching, Gospel preaching church?

In case you missed it, I made a post on July 23rd  titled, "Tornadoes Are Destructive Things" And the point of that post is this. Just a tornado leaves both physical clues and personal testimonies as to the destruction wreaked by that tornado, an abusive, legalistic, non-gospel preaching church will also leave behind physical clues and personal testimonies as to the destruction wreaked by that church. 

Here on my blog I do exactly that. I examine The Crossings teachings, sermons, beliefs and values, and any other information available to the general public, and compare the information with what the Scriptures teach. As I have telegraphed in "PREVIEW: EXPOSING: THE CODE" series, my next project will be to examine each point in The Crossing Code, and see if it matches up with Scripture, after all, The Crossing makes this claim in their "Statement of Beliefs"... 
 "We believe that the Bible is the verbally and totally inspired Word of God, inerrant in it's original manuscripts. The Bible is our supreme and final authority in faith and life. (2Timothy 3:16-17, 2 Peter 1:20-21).
I will demonstrate that The Code does not comport with their statement regarding the Bible.  

Another critical aspect of examining the allegations that The Crossing is an abusive, legalistic, non-gospel preaching church is to read or hear other people's stories, their personal testimonies on how The Crossing has had a traumatic impact on their lives. Eyewitness testimony is a powerful means to evaluate truth claims. The writers of  the New Testament Gospels relied heavily on the eyewitness testimony to establish the historical reality of the life, ministry, teachings, activities, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Similarly, people who have been abused at The Crossing have their testimonies as well. 

By evaluating informational clues and personal testimonies, I am adding to the  body of evidence that the allegations against The Crossing Church are true.   
I hope to get to value number one of The Code within a week. God Bless, Casey 

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