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Fighting the Good Fight: A Gospel Ministry

[If you have experienced spiritual abuse at The Crossing or any other church, you can contact Jeremy Rogahn from the Facebook page, Back Door Ministries Support Group. This group meets every Friday evening to help deal with the grief, anger, and wounds that result from spiritual abuse. This is a GREAT group of people and will give you full support and help your healing process regardless of your situation]  


By God's unbelievable grace, I am starting up a ministry that I pray will garner interest among my brethren out there. I now have a Facebook group for this ministry called, Fighting the Good Fight: A Gospel Ministry 

What follows is the Facebook group "page" which describes the mission of "Fighting the Good Fight: A Gospel Ministry". This is what I wrote about this ministry... 


The mission of "Fighting the Good Fight: A Gospel Ministry" is to inform communities of the abusive and destructive nature of Eric Dykstra and his cult “The Crossing church”, based in Elk River, Minnesota.

  • Eric Dykstra is a false teacher and false prophet preaching a false gospel. He is the self-appointed leader of The Crossing Church. Despite his proclamation that the Bible is his supreme and final authority in all matters of life and faith, his beliefs and practices are patently unbiblical.
  • Eric Dykstra claims he has received visions and authority from God on how to conduct his ministry. Therefore, nobody is allowed to question what Eric Dykstra does, because to question Eric Dykstra is to question God.
  • Eric Dykstra is a cruel and abusive dictator, not accountable to any board of elders within his church. He is vulgar, narcissistic, sociopathic, and ruthless in his dealings with people. His ministry has already wreaked havoc on countless people’s lives, causing precious relationships to disintegrate, and leaving people who have served under him with deep, ugly, life-altering scars that will last a lifetime.
  • Eric Dykstra is a false image bearer. In the name of Jesus Christ, his legalistic, cruel, and abusive ministry lead people to falsely conclude that the Christian God must be similar to Eric Dykstra. Those people who have suffered abuse and cruelty under his ministry may end up with their hearts hardened against any and all things related to Christianity, and lead them to be suspicious of any person (including me) who proclaims to minister in Christ’s name.
  • By bearing false witness as to the true nature and character of the Christian God, Dykstra is negatively affecting people’s attitude toward Christianity, and for those people, that could be the difference between Heaven and Hell. 
  • Although based in Elk River Minnesota, The Crossing also has daughter churches in Zimmerman, Princeton, and Big Lake. The so-called “pastors” who are charged with leading these congregations are not autonomous, but must do things exactly as Dykstra dictates.
  • Dykstra has aggressive plans to plant two hundred daughter churches over the next twenty years. He wants to ravage more cities, more towns, and more communities! This would only serve to bring more misery, more pain, more devastation, and more suffering to bear upon unsuspecting, biblically illiterate people.
  • Those who faithfully follow Eric Dykstra and believe his twisted and false version of the gospel would ultimately end up in Hell.

This is the frightening and terrifying reality of Eric Dykstra and The Crossing Church. He wants to invade surrounding communities and brainwash people, turning them against those who love and care for them. It has happened, it is happening now, and it will continue to happen again, unless God’s people come together and “Fight the Good Fight”. This is a battle worth fighting for, and I sincerely believe that by God’s grace, we can make a real, positive impact on people and communities.

I don’t want to give away too much information to the enemy, but one thing that must be done to get the message out is by systematically blanketing a community with information. I would love to get together with anyone who is interested in helping me with this ministry. Let's bounce some ideas off each other, and come up with a few specific strategies to accomplish the goal of informing entire communities of Eric Dykstra and The Crossing cult. Let's also  inspire more people to get involved.

I want to emphasize that I am not trying to guilt anyone into this ministry. Don’t feel like you have to do it. Your heart has to be “in it”, otherwise there is no point in “doing it”. This ministry is for those who want to do it and are compelled to do it, whether you have ever attended The Crossing or not, I invite all who are Christians to participate.     

“Fighting the Good Fight” ministry is more than just picking up our spiritual weapons, fighting every false way and exposing God’s enemies, which in itself is a Gospel ministry. It is also an excellent opportunity to be the Light of Jesus Christ, faithfully bearing His image, and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a world of unbelief, darkness, and decay.  God is glorified when the non-Christian community sees His people take a hard stand against a dangerous cult invading their community. I think most people appreciate the love and concern authentic Christians have for their safety and well being. And through resources and information made available to people through this ministry, communities will be kept safer, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ will go out into the unbelieving world, and that is exciting to think about!

I also believe this ministry would be an effective way to focus some of the negative energy people have toward Dykstra and The Crossing church by doing something positive and Christ-centered for communities and other people.

I will not downplay the fact that what Dykstra is doing is flat out wrong. Christians ought to have a righteous anger toward Him. But we can become embittered, proud, self-righteous, and hateful toward our enemies unless we keep the Gospel central.

What I mean by that is this. By looking upward at the Cross and reflecting on what God has done for you personally in Jesus Christ, that will help you from looking inward and being weighed down obsessive introspection and sinful attitudes because of your personal history or circumstances, whatever they may be.

When you finally understand that you too were once God’s enemy who would crucify Christ (“We carry His very nails in our back pocket”, said Martin Luther) it helps you from being puffed up with pride and self-righteousness (which I struggle with daily) thinking, “Well, I am a better person than Eric Dykstra!”

The Bible teaches that, "No, you are not a better person than Eric Dykstra." You are actually much worse than you think, yet the Lord saved you without any help from you. The Bible says that even faith is a gift from God. This is Gospel 101. Keep the Gospel central, keep Christ central, look upward instead of inward, and that ought to help you immensly in dealing with your hard feelings and turmoil that result from spiritual abuse.  

Even the farmer who prays for a good harvest must still get out into the field and plow, plant, fertilize, and care for his crops. So I would ask any genuine disciple of Christ to consider helping out in this ministry. Together, by God's infinite fountain of grace, we can work to slow the growth of The Crossing church, and perhaps even frustrate entirely, Eric Dykstra's mission to conquer and destroy communities in the name of Christ.

Will you join me?


If anyone is interested, e-mail me @, also visit my facebook page and tell me what you think, link provided above.

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