Saturday, July 16, 2011

Heaven and Hell

What better way to start up my blog than by announcing that my home church Redeemer Bible Church is doing a five part series on Heaven and Hell beginning August 7th. What does the Bible teach on Heaven and Hell? Pastor R.W. Glenn (Bob) has prepared a sneak preview on the link provided. Keep checking back because there will be more sneak previews coming soon. What follows is the promo text for the series...

[The afterlife. Heaven and hell. Mortality. Eternity. Few topics provoke questions so deep and emotions so strong, yet we often avoid thinking about the answers. We might draw images from medieval drawings of fiery torment, or political cartoons set by pearly gates - but can we ever really know the truth?

Join us starting August 7th at Redeemer Bible Church as Pastor R.W. Glenn unpacks what the Bible teaches about Heaven and Hell. Whatever your assumptions, misconceptions, experiences, or fears, come expecting answers. Come hear the Bible's response to the most important questions you will ever ask.]

I will get to The Crossing church stuff eventually. I am still working on the layout of this blog and will be adding more material in the future. I will make every attempt to support my arguments with Scripture. In the meantime, if you attend the Crossing or a church you suspect is abusive and preaches a false gospel, then read and listen to what I have available now, and contrast that with the teachings of your church.

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