Sunday, July 31, 2011

Disturbing radio interview of Ex-Crossing insider describes how abusive The Crossing really is!

A Christian radio program called "Fighting For The Faith" recently interviewed Jeremy Rogahn, an Ex-Crossing insider who was involved in leadership and ministry there. He and his family started attending The Crossing in January of 2009 and after a year and a half of spiritual abuse he finally resigned and left The Crossing in August of 2010.

This  radio interview is probably 45 minutes or longer in length. If you are at all interested in what Eric Dykstra and The Crossing are really up to, then I would  encourage you to take the time and listen to it.  Jeremy also recently started his own blog where he details his personal experience of The Crossing. There is also a public Facebook page appropriately called "Back Door Ministries Support Group" for those who are struggling with spiritual abuse at the hands of The Crossing and Eric Dykstra. Check out his blog for details Our Crossing Story

Being that I live only about 30 minutes away from Elk River, I found this interview very disturbing. I knew The Crossing was a dangerous place, I just didn't know how dangerous until I listened to this interview. This is not what the Bible teaches, this is not Christianity, this is not the Gospel.

Eric Dykstra and all the corrupt manifestations of The Crossing...the preaching of a false gospel, the legalism, the spiritual abuse, (For example: If anyone leaves The Crossing after serving there for some time they are shunned; those who attend The Crossing are not allowed to speak to that person), the vulgarity and obscenities spewing from the foul mouth of Eric Dykstra and his irreverent and sacrilegious references to God, the call by Dykstra for his followers be radical and fanatical.  These all bear false witness (lie) as to the true character of the Christian God.

No wonder people who attend there and eventually leave never want to go back to church. In other words, as a result of being involved in The Crossing community for some time, they have been indoctrinated (either explicitly or implicitly) into believing lies about the character of the True God, the Christian God.; that is, they have the wrong ideas of God in their head.

If you want to learn about the true nature of the Christian God, then check out the list of resources at the bottom of my prior blog post "Critique of the ten doctrinal points of The Crossing church: part one..." You will discover that the god they profess to follow  at The Crossing is a false god, an idol made in the image of Eric Dykstra, and that the True God, the Christian God revealed in Scripture is not the lying, abusive and legalistic god they make Him out to be.  

If the testimony of Crossing witnesses are true, then I can boldly say that The Crossing is a cult; (I will explain what a cult is in an upcoming post) a malignant and aggressive cancer that Eric Dykstra wants to spread swiftly into surrounding communities and devour people's lives with unquestioned submission and devotion to Eric Dykstra alone; I'll remind you of the goal: 200 campuses in 20 years! That covers a lot of ground.

It is stated in the interview that they don't study the Bible in small groups, they are only allowed to talk about  Dykstra's sermons.  According to Jeremy, it is documented in a sermon preached by Dykstra that those who study the Bible are "Bible nerds", that term is used in a derogatory sense. Jeremy also states that Dykstra intends to indoctrinate faithful followers of The Crossing into becoming "mini-Dykstra's". 

Do you want this religious radical and his dangerous cult invading your community? Then please, warn people about Eric Dykstra and The Crossing. Share this blog and others like it on Facebook or other social networks. He may want to set up camp in the communities of your friends and relatives and shamelessly indoctrinate, radicalize, and negatively impact the lives of those you love and care for. And of course, pray to the One who is sovereign over all things. Remember that no matter what happens, it is the Christian God who always wins!                    

Jesus wants to liberate spiritually oppressed people like those at The Crossing, and have them live under His kind and gentle authority. The Crossing preaches a false god. Please, if you attend The Crossing and want out. I will help you in any way I can. If you have a personal story you would like to share with me, I would like to hear from you and post it on my blog if you grant permission to do so.  

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