Sunday, July 31, 2011

Critique of The Crossing's beliefs-The Bible: Part One

If you recall, the main point of my post tornadoes are destructive things... was that we can examine both physical clues and personal testimonies to verify that a particular church is in fact a heretical, abusive, legalistic, non-gospel preaching church.

My last blog post highlighted an interview of Jeremy Rogahn and his testimony of his experience at The Crossing. If you haven't listened to that interview, I highly recommend that you do! Jeremy Rogahn interview I have posted a couple other testimonies in the past, and there are probably others out there too; if anyone wants to share theirs, I would be happy to receive it and share it on my blog if you give me permission to do so. 

For the next couple of posts however, I want to focus on physical clues; that is, what information is available to the general public that can help verify that The Crossing is a heretical, abusive, legalistic, non-gospel preaching church?

To answer that question I will begin my point by point critique of all ten doctrinal points of The Crossing church as discussed in Preview on my critique on The Crossing's beliefs...

The first of the ten doctrinal points under scrutiny is this: and I quote this exactly as it was written on the "I love my church" video and stated by Tom, pastor of the Big Lake campus...
  • "The Bible is God's Word and totally accurate. It is our final authority."
 Wow! What could possibly be wrong with a doctrinal statement like that? After all, The Crossing explicitly states that the Bible is their final authority. Do they stick to the Bible and make all their decisions based on the Bible alone?

Tom, leader of the Big Lake campus and participant of the discussion group, comments on this particular doctrinal statement. He says, and I quote this word for word,

"The Bible, from cover to cover is absolute truth. And we believe everything in this book has either happened or is going to happen. We believe it is factual. It's where we end. We start here and we end here. It is our final authority. If there is a discussion taking place within the church and we need to know which direction to go, we go here. This is the beginning and the end of what we believe here, the Bible."

That sounds fantastic, doesn't it? After all, pastor Tom confirms all the more that The Crossing  uses the Bible as their final authority. He claims that when there is disagreement in their church, that it is the Bible alone that instructs them which direction to go. Judging from doctrinal point number one and pastor Tom's commentary of it, it would appear that The Crossing does everything according to God's Word and nothing else. What could possibly be wrong with that? Is that a true statement?

Because I like cliffhangers and I also like to be a little bit annoying, I'll let those questions nag and gnaw at you for awhile and answer those question on my next post! Meanwhile, see if you can come up with the answer yourself. I'll give you a hint. The answer lies in the "I Love My Church" video when the leaders discuss the values of The Crossing. 


  1. It doesn't sound that fantastic to me.
    no church goes by the Bible alone. There are tons of decisions to be made that the bible says nothing about clearly. Churches can be based on the bible but looking through church history, there has always been traditions, and reason, to go along with scripture. anyways, why do people call it "absolute truth"? that is so redundant. Either something is true, or it is not.

  2. Mikey, I agree with you. It's true that the Bible does not speak on everything that could be said. The principle of 2Timothy 16-17 teaches that Scripture is sufficient in that it contains everything man needs to know without further special revelation.

    There are some Scripture verses and passages that are not clear due to the historical context and the circumstances in which they were written. If a church must make a decision, and the Scriptures are not clear on the matter, then they must apply biblical wisdom in making the decision so that it agrees with the principles taught in other portions of Scripture. Obscure Scripture passages and verses should be examined in light of other Scriptures. If there is only a single vague passage or verse, it is unwise to build a theology or make decisions pertaining to Christian living based on that alone.

  3. Cas, It is hard to say what is meant by "Scripture" in that verse. Remember, they didn't have a Bible back then, they only had Scrolls with writings of Prophets, etc... No one would argue that those contain everything Man needs to know.

  4. Mike, The sense in which the passage refers to is God's special revelation. Scripture refer to both Old and New Testament revelation. OT Scrolls are Scripture, The Jews knew that. In the NT era Peter affirms Paul's writings as Scripture. Read 2 peter 3:14-20 (read it all just to get the whole context).

    But I don't want to get bogged down in whether the Bible can be trusted or not. I presuppose that the Bible is God's special revelation, that the original autographs were without error, and have been faithfully preserved and handed down for two thousand years.

    There are some very minor errors in the Bible, but these don't have a great theological impact. Errors in the Bible are usually grammatical in nature.

    It is clear that by the end of the NT era, the canon of Scripture is complete, God has said everything He intended to say, and it contains everything man needs to know. And that is what I presuppose in this blog.

  5. ooops, don't want to bog you down haha. presuppose? yeah it is a leap of faith, but I am all about leaps of faith, otherwise I would be an unbeliever I guess :)

  6. Mike, are you still going to check out Redeemer on Sunday? it will be one "Hell" of a good time? C'mon, you like Bob's preaching. Check out the series preview

  7. BTW, Believing the Bible is God's Word is not a big a leap of faith as some people believe. If you come sunday You can come over over for lunch and we can BS about it all.

    [Trying to lure you to my house with "crap" like The Crossing. Then I am going to burn you at the stake!]

  8. If I am not up storm chasing somewhere I will!
    Just a warning, if he believes that hell is endless torture for the non"elect" I will be thoroughly repulsed! :-D