Thursday, July 21, 2011

A glimpse inside the radical nature of Eric Dykstra

If you have read some of the other material on my blog you will notice that I have leveled some bold criticism at The Crossing's pastor Eric Dykstra. After all, "false teacher" is not a description I would apply to any teacher who is wrong on minor doctrinal points not essential to the salvation of one's soul. Anybody can say anything they want about anybody else, but are those things true?

Should you just take my word for it that Dykstra is a false teacher whose beliefs and practices are unbiblical? How about if we examine the very words and thoughts of Eric Dykstra himself. Here are a couple of posts from SUCH WAS I. These two posts ought to demonstrate that there is something not quite right about Dykstra (understatement of the year!). The blogger marusha provides commentary in [brackets] throughout the text.   

 In his own words, Dykstra want his followers to be insanely radical. Is that really what Jesus wants?  Dykstra will be preaching on this subject in late July .

This account from Dykstra's blog describes how he and others from The Crossing kidnapped his own son and put him through a manhood ceremony. This strikes me as bizarre, unbiblical, and bordering on child abuse. Will Dykstra suggest to other Crossing "partners" to put their kiddies through a similar test? 

If you live in the Twin Cities metro area and surrounding communities, let me ask, do you want this religious crackpot and his faithful followers invading your neighborhood and influencing those you love? Remember the goal of The Crossing, two hundred campuses in twenty years! An Anoka/Ramsey campus will open this fall, and I'll bet they are planning a lot more. Can you understand why I am so concerned?


  1. Thanks for working to expose this fraud. I pray we don't have such a takeover either. We're a bit west of you, and our town would be ripe for the picking. Although, we already have an abusive and controlling Word Faith church, perhaps not quite that blatant. But it wouldn't surprise me if people would fall for it if it were to come here.

    In Perry Noble's church, I've heard that it does kind of take over the town and turn it into an 'us vs them' thing. Anyone not in the cult is some kind of second class citizen. Even the LDS has gravitated away from that sort of thinking.

    But then, the false law based teaching of the LDS doesn't have to make war against the evangelical Christian church -- it's doing it surreptitiously from the inside already.

  2. Thanks for the comments, terriergirl. It's God working through broken, clay pots like us that we can be salt to the evil of a false gospel and light of Christ to those who are stuck in such a web of deception and madness.