Thursday, March 15, 2012


To those who follow this blog, Due to circumstances beyond my control, "THE CROSSING: CHURCH OR CULT" is closing shop. Thanks to any and all who followed my blog, may the Good Lord bless you in Christ, Casey


  1. I thought I should let you know that the Crossing is still at it. I only learned of your work and this blog in the last month as I have been trying to save a family member from this so-called church. Their life has fallen apart in the short time they have been involved with the Crossing. Seems I have quite a battle ahead of me. I wish I knew how to get more people to care about the terrible things that have and are still happening there. Why will no clergy from other churches get involved? What are they scared of?

  2. Hi Anonymous, thank you for your comments and concerns. First of all, I would like to say God bless you for taking an interest in bringing The Crossing Church and their destructive theology to light. I would be happy to talk to you on the phone or meet in person. You can reach me on my phone # if you want to e-mail me Then I could give you my phone# and you could call me. I haven't given my blog much attention, but since there seems to be a need, (this is where the Lord is leading me with your comment) I will consider re-opening my blog for business. My heart really goes out to those stuck in this spiritually abusive church in which it appears there is no way to escape. Why don't other pastors get involved in exposing The Crossing? I don't think it's fear. The sad truth is, The Crossing is a sovereign ecclesiastical entity, and unless there is an actual civic crime committed, other church entities, or the police, really can't do anything about it. That does not mean that they are not breaking the Lord's law; there is ample evidence for that But I will say this. In respect to The Crossing and other heretical churches, it's a matter of spiritual warfare. If anything is not from God it is of the devil and his minions. And the only way to conduct spiritual warfare and rescue people from spiritual calamity is by exposing the lies propagated by the devil disseminated through corrupt human mouthpieces. Scripture is clear that you engage in spiritual warfare by proclaiming the Truth as revealed in Scripture. The Word of God, and by extension, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is your most powerful weapon to bring real spiritual light into this fallen, broken, God hating world; in fact, the only weapon. So IF you are a Christian, then you do as I do, either on this blog, in person, or by some other means, you proclaim the Word, in season and out. It will not make you very popular, and people will persecute you, but it is the right thing to do, and Christians are mandated in Scripture to protect the precious Word of God. So the big question is, are you a Christian? Please contact me if you want to discuss things further, Blessings, Casey