Monday, September 10, 2012

I am at a loss for words today, but in a good, awesome way! The reason why is because it has recently become clear to me that there has been a serious, serious change in the of heart of Eric Dykstra, the controversial pastor of The Crossing Church in Elk River, Minnesota. The purpose of my blog was to expose the unbiblical teachings and practices of Eric Dykstra and The Crossing Church, and warn others of the potential for spiritual abuse under his leadership.

It has always been my prayer that the Lord would cause something dramatic and unmistakable to happen at The Crossing Church. My prayer has always been that the Lord would decisively move in one of two ways. One, that The Crossing Church would suffocate and die underneath the endless allegations of unbiblical leadership, spiritual abuse, and the manifestation of cult-like attributes. Or two, that the Lord would miraculously open the eyes of pastor Eric Dykstra's and change his heart in such a way that would result in genuine repentance. Of course, the latter being the best of both outcomes. 

Make no mistake, something dramatic and unmistakable has happened to Eric Dykstra. The Lord is on the move in Elk River in incredible ways. Not only is our great Savior Jesus Christ rescuing undeserving souls from a Hellish, eternal catastrophe, but He is also there to love, nurture, protect, rescue, and correct genuine Christians who have lost their way in a complicated and harsh world where distortions, lies, and corruption occur at every corner. It is my firm and solid belief that our merciful and kind Creator, our gracious and long-suffering Savior has decisively moved the heart of Eric Dykstra.

Have you heard any of his recent sermons? I have, and there is a demonstrable and palpable change in his views on Law versus Gospel: and all I can say is that Eric Dykstra finally "get's" the Gospel. And he is preaching it loud and clear!

I actually attended The Crossing Church just a couple weeks ago, met up with a friend who goes there. In the link below listen to the sermon he preached that day.

Recent Crossing Sermon

Now, does that sound like a false pastor who is still hung up on legalism and works-righteousness? Or does that sound like a pastor who now truly understands the horrendous impact he has had on other people's lives as a result of his erroneous teachings and practices and now wants to make things right by preaching grace instead of law? I think he is blown away by the unlimited grace, kindness, and forgiveness that is found only in Jesus Christ and His Gospel, don't you? In my opinion, there is not a shred of falseness in his sermon, it is from the heart through and through. 

I don't want to jump to any conclusions, but I am pretty sure this blog is done. God Bless, Casey


  1. hmm, just more meaningless words from as far as I am concerned

    1. So the Gospel is a bunch of meaningless words? Sorry you feel that way.

  2. God is hard at work at the Crossing and in Pastor Eric right now, and I'm glad you got to whiteness this first hand!

  3. It seems like a vast improvement. But I've heard that since then not a whole lot has changed. Their "code" still sounds like they're all committed to supporting "The visionary" and his "vision" no matter what, and they "aggressively" do this. That doesn't sound good to me. The sermon series titles since then also sound very "how to" (i.e. law) and it could be he's looking at this as just another method to guarantee success in what he wants to do.

    And he still is very very crass. His innuendos and double entendre from the pulpit is pretty shameful. He should not be hooked up with the blasphemous Ed Young, Jr's organization C3 either.

    I hope I am wrong and he really has been converted to the truth (I seriously doubted he was even a believer before when he would preach because he sounded more often like a pubescent boy in a locker room talking about girls), but I'm researching.

  4. He definitely still sounds somewhat word faith-y. He just emphasizes God's love as the "word" you are supposed to confess in order to get the things you want (like, for him, on his day off, catching a fish). Is that what Jesus prayed in the garden?

    He's turned belief into a work we must do to get what we want. sigh.